About me and my work. My Clinic in Basel.

I am Josep Carrion, I am dedicated to massage, acupuncture and to the integral treatment of the patient for more than 25 years and now I continue with my clinic in Basel.

On this page you will find:

  • My career and a little about me
  • How is a session
  • Techniques that I use and more frequent treatments
  • Fee/session

The conscious attention now as fashionable as Mindfulness, is my way of living for about twenty years. I have published several books and I have taught at several universities, as well as private groups for about twenty years. Now in Basel, I start a new stage, having validated the training of a grade in Nursing (Barcelona) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Barcelona and Beijin University). I can assist you urgently for specific problems, make quick treatments of one or two sessions, and also walk on a deep work together, to help your whole body find its healthy balance.


Techniques used in the consultation in my clinic of alternative medicine in Basel.

Main treatments with Acupuncture points, Massage, Mindfulness.

Stimulation of acupoints, with or without needles
Deep tissue brief massage
Application of suction cups
Cranio-Sacral Technique
Body awareness – conscious meditation (modernly called Mindfulness)


My personal philosophy in consultation, and in life.

Each person is unique, influenced and influencing their environment. Sometimes or for some people, the problem and solution only happen, at this moment, for the physical body. The patient, in this case, thanks to his recovered vitality, effectively manages his personal, work and spiritual life without further ado. Other times, moments, people, the emotional aspect is the key: expressing and managing emotions will help in this case radically recover their physical body, relationships, life goals, etc. And in other people or moments, it is the relationship with the environment, life goals that will make your vitality, body, emotional and at all levels react. In many cases, a relationship of these three focuses: physical, emotional and spiritual will be important.

How is the session of Alternative medicine?

Due to what was explained in the previous paragraph, the first thing is to have a clear objective to work, what the patient/client wants. Consider the levels of affectation that are related to that / those problems. We will integrate the tradition of Chinese Medicine to scientific research in neurophysiology, positive psychology or mindfulness. Because both can be integrated, and I firmly believe in it. Spirituality, philosophy, art, science … all this is for me, humanity and existence. The treatment techniques for each case and the frequency of treatment are decided by me, and it is the patient who has the final say before agreeing on a treatment plan.

The sessions can be as appropriate, as frequent or distant as the specific case requires. From once a month to twice a day, the most frequent being a weekly session of between 30 and 90 minutes.

Most frequent treatments.

The most frequently requested treatments are:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Sports injuries
  • Concentration problems
  • Insomnia
  • Weight loss
  • Stress
  • Affective problems: anxiety, depression

I have also accompanied many patients with serious illnesses, improving the quality and duration of their lives. On the first visit, I will give you a sincere and as realistic opinion as possible.

Comprehensive mind and body treatment (stress and back pain …), seeing the patient as an “everything” inseparable from their environment, body and mind.


If your insurance is in the following list the hourly rate is fr.160.-

Listing: Swica, Sanitas, Group Mutuel, Assura or Rhenusana, Avenir, CMBB, St. Moritz, Philos, Avantis, Fonction publish, Troistorrents, Panorama, EOS), Caisse vaudoise, Hermes, Easysana, Mutuel, Universa, Natura, AMB, Intras, Sympany, FKB.

Depending on the service, the time can vary from 20 minutes to one hour. The first consultation is always one hour. The costs will be proportional thereafter.

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If your supplementary insurance is not on the list, meanwhile I receive EMR recognition in Switzerland for all other insurers, the price will have a value of fr.50.- regardless of the time required (on average 35 minutes per session).

Reservations. info@centrejosepcarrion.com/ T. + 41-795574168

* If you want more information about my training, you can download it here: Curriculum.